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About Us

Stop wasting time exercising for hours when you can train for just 30 minutes per week to increase strength, build bone density, loose those unwanted body fat pounds, increase cardiovascular health, improve sports performance, and many more benefits.  All this done in a controlled, safe, and extremely effective one on one only training program with state of the art equipment and highly trained instructors!



Our training protocol includes a Slow Movement High Intensity Training technique.  Our workout is only 30 minutes and helps strengthen your muscles and cardiovascular system while enhancing your flexibility. Due to the intensity and nature of our workouts, the effectiveness that results, and the recovery needed, our clients only need to workout  You can workout once or twice per week and get awesome results while others spend hours in the gym with less results and possible joint problems. once or twice a week! So, you get the best results in shorter workouts that are less frequent than traditional resistance training

            OUR EQUIPMENT


We feature the ARX Fit computerized strength and conditioning machines which guage your progress and challenge you with the correct resistence no matter what level you are at.  We also feature the only Avenger Leg Press in the Atlanta area, which is currently used by some NFL teams along with physical therapy centers, and a combination of biomechanically correct and hand picked ARX Fit, MedX, Nautilus, David,, and Tru-Line Equipment. These pieces of low friction equipment result in less stress on the joints, more muscle fiber recruitment and smoother movements.



We are also offering the CoreControl device,  which rapidly cools your body for quicker recovery, decreased soreness after the workout, and improved performance and gains during the workout.   It's what college, sports professionals, and many others are using and finding out about.  You have to try it out.

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