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To teach people how to achieve optimum health and performance through safe and effective exercise, proper nutrition, and continuous spiritual growth. We will also provide the highest quality products to help people reach their goals.



We offer only one on one training in a professional and controlled environment where the focus is on you and not a group of people to ensure safety and maximize your results.   Our trainers have done thousands of one on one sessions with many different kinds of people and goals.  This experience and knowledge is rare in the fitness world and very important to your overall success and health!  Try it and you'll see the difference!


Many of our clients love the fact that it only takes 30 minutes once or twice per week.  So this could and has benefited many corporate clients to maximize their time and results.  Call us to try it out and see what we can do for your company's health.  It will benefit your company's bottom line with happier and healthier employees!

           Body Fat Loss


When you build more muscle then you burn more energy at rest.  This in combination with good hydration and healthy eating puts your body in the best place to burn fat and be strong.   This translates into losing inches, clothes sizes, and looking your best!



Muscle is the greatest thing you can change in your body.  The more muscle you have, the easier it is to enjoy life, lift things, play better, avoid injuries, help fight off disease better, and many other things.  The slow high intensity lifting we do recruits more muscle fiber and can tone you up quicker.



Our slow high intensity training style increases the stroke volume of your heart or the amount of blood your heart can pump out.  This is achieved due to the intensity of the exercises and minimal rest in between exercises keeping the heart rate up.  Many clients have the effect of feeling like they ran a couple of miles when they finish a workout.

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